Dr. David Haynes
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

The love, friendliness, and maturity of the members here at First Baptist Center Point have impressed and encouraged my family and me. We thank God for His bringing us together.

God established the First Baptist Church of Center Point in 1914, and He is not finished with His ministry through us. Here are the things we need to consider:

Remember the Past. Remember those who have gone before us to make possible what we are doing today; it could be that they paved the road so we could do more. Remember the past, upon whose shoulders we stand

Reach for the future. God wants us to go, glow, and grow in Him. Do not be satisfied with your past, but reach for the future. The future is bright for the child of God, so until we go to be with Him, let's keep reaching for the future.

Redeem the Time. Some look back to the past so much they get a crick in their neck. Some look so much to the future they are blinded to the opportunities right in front of them. We must redeem the present time. People in this community need the Lord right now

We all know the Lord's return is imminent, so let's be serving until He comes. Let us be found "loving God and others".

Praise the Lord for his continued mercy toward us.

In His love,

Pastor David

First Baptist Church of Center Point • 1945 Center Point Parkway • Birmingham, AL 35215 • (205) 853-1410